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We know that there are many GMO foods in the market advertised as healthy foods, but we should not stay silent, but we should raise our voice instead and protect our kids and ourselves.

Advertisements are one of the most efficient ways to convince people that a product is healthy, even though it certainly cannot be listed in the group of healthy foods. This is the case with Nutella as well. Even though not all of the ingredients present in Nutella are GMOs, still, sometimes even one is enough to make the product bad for our health. In Nutella, there are four of these unhealthy ingredients.

The Dangers of Nutella:  Some people may not agree with this, because of the fact that Asian civilizations consume soy on a regular basis for centuries, but, actually, these people consume small amounts of naturally grown soybeans, while the soy that the western culture of today consumes is not the same and it is consumed in large amounts. To be more precise, we talk about the lecithin, a substance present in the soy, harmful for our health, and associated with thyroid depression, fatigue, uncontrolled weight gain, premature entry in puberty, menstruation delays, and breast cancer. Sugar This is the sugar that comes from the GMO sugar beef known to be very cheap and full of pesticides and altered sugar that our body is unable to recognize. The price of a product says a lot about its quality. These sugars are also known as neurotoxins, as they can cross the blood-brain barrier and lead to elimination of brain cells.

These sugars are also associated with cases like depression, ADHD, ADD, migraines, autism, anxiety, and so on. Skim Milk You think milk is a natural product, because there are pictures of green meadows and happy cows on the packaging? That is not the case in reality, as the milk inside is not a skim milk, but pus filled milk that comes from ill cows fed on GMO corn, injected with antibiotics and other chemicals that we are not familiar with, just so that the costs are reduced. However, the resulting milk only contributes to diseases. The milk we buy does not even have aroma and it only consists of powdered milk, which, on the other hand, is full of the most harmful type of cholesterol you can find.

Vanillin Despite the fact that the labels say ‘no artificial colors’, the truth about Nutella is a bit different. It is not written that there are unnatural flavors added to it, such as vanillin. Vanillin has been shown to have the ability to bluff your brain and make you feel the true vanilla taste. However, this is just a delusion of your brain achieved thanks to the vanillin, which has neurotoxin effects and can remove brain cells. Furthermore, vanillin is very dangerous to our health as it causes addiction through connecting with the receptors in the brain and secreting serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Moreover, vanillin is made in petroleum based factories in China, the world’s greatest vanillin manufacturer. If you are aware how bad GMO sugars, neurotoxins, cheap and unnatural vanilla are, you will see that Nutella is also bad for your health and that it should be excluded from your diet.


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