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The kidneys play an integral role of filtering toxins and wastes from the bloodstream. Without a healthy diet, clean drinking water, as well as body cleansing, these toxins can accumulate and affect the function of your kidneys, liver, and other neighboring organs. As such, it is imperative to always keep the kidneys clean.

For this article, the purpose is to highlight 5 most effective kidney-cleansing drinks that can help to maintain optimal kidney function.

1. Cranberry Juice

Research confirms that cranberries can help combat urinary tract infections, probably by minimizing the adhesion of bacteria to the urethra and bladder. Likewise, cranberries can be beneficial for cleansing the kidneys of extra calcium oxalate, which is among the primary contributors of kidney stones. It is advisable to always use organic and sugar-free cranberry juice.

2. Beet Juice

Besides containing bataine, which is a highly useful phytochemical, beets and beet juice also have antioxidant properties and raise the acidity of urine. This is essential for clearing calcium phosphate and struvite accumulation from the kidneys. Calcium elimination from the kidneys promotes kidney function and also minimizes the chances of kidney stones.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is known to raise citrate levels in urine. This undermines the formation of kidney stones.

4. Juice Cleanses

A juice cleanse integrates the nutritional power of vegetables and fruits into one beverage. Both vegetable and fruit juices are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for flushing out toxins. This eases the strain from the colon, kidneys, and liver. Vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, celery, zucchini, kale, spinach, and carrots are excellent for juicing. On the other hand, you can try peeled oranges, pineapple, apples, peaches, and pears for fruit juice.

5. Homemade Kidney Cleanse Beverage

For this drink, you need apple cider vinegar, fresh lemons, Renaltrex, and purified water. Mix all these ingredients together to make a drink that you should take over a four-day cleansing period.


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