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Foot soaks are very popular remedies which fight foot odor.

There are 3 types of action of foot soaks:

  • Deodorizing
  • Antibacterial
  • Astringent
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Soak

This powerful liquid helps in the process of losing weight, allergies, sinuses and digestive problems, but it also dries the excess of sweat and eliminates the bacteria which are the main reasons for foot odor.

The presence of acetic and phenolic acids make this cheap remedy an excellent antibacterial agent which reduces sweat build up and removes full odor.

Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar into a quart of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. Do this twice a week or more often if needed.

  1. Potassium Permanganate Foot Bath

This very powerful method eliminates bacteria and fungi effectively. You should take a quart of water and add a tablespoon of potassium permanganate. Soak your feet for half an hour and don’t be afraid if your calluses and toenails start turning brown.

  1. Vodka Soak/Wipe

It may sound odd and funny to you, but this method is especially effective. You can reduce the foul odor and eliminate bacteria by wiping your feet with washcloth previously soaked in vodka.

You can also put your feet in a basin with vodka and water.

  1. Tea Tree Oil and Baking Soda Soak

Baking soda makes our feet softer and also eliminates fungi and bacteria. Tea tree oil has very powerful antimicrobial, antifungal, antibiotic and antiseptic properties which help you eliminate unwanted critters, spores, fungi and bacteria.

Fill a basin with warm water and then add 1 ½ of baking soda or tea tree oil and stir it until it gets dissolved. Soak your feet in it for 15 minutes.

  1. Epsom Salt Soak

This salt is filled with magnesium sulfate and it’s also an excellent remedy against stinky feet. It soothes aching feet, reduces inflammation, makes your skin softer and what’s the most important thing-neutralizes foot odor.

Add half a cup of Epsom salt in 10 cups of warm water and soak your feet for half an hour. Perform this procedure twice a day in order to receive the best results.


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